Challenges of Online B2B Order Management

As mentioned, the rise in popularity for B2B eCommerce has heightened expectations, while different methods of buying and selling have introduced complexities. Listed below are the most common challenges B2B businesses are faced with today. 1. Global supply chains are complex and growing. From third party logistics (3PL) providers to […]

How can I add my brand images ?

Storimart B2B allows users to upload their company specific branding images – main banner, warehouse background etc.  On the menu sidebar, navigate to the second icon, select Warehouse and then select Images tab. Select Add images and upload the required files as per it’s position and select Save The images […]

How can I generate a sales report ?

On the menu sidebar, navigate to the seventh icon  and select Reports. Select from the available options to search from; By warehouse and by order. Provide the necessary required fields for the system like Warehouse ID, date, payment method etc. and select Generate Report.

How can I search for my products ?

Search is categorised based on warehouse, user, category and product. Navigate to the sixth icon on the menu sidebar and select Publish/Search.  Select from the available options to search from; Warehouse, User, Category and Product.

What if there is an error ?

During Adding products into a catalogue via excel (Recommended) there may be errors in the file used for upload.  The system will try it’s best to identify the issue and provide a clear explanation.  In most cases, these are the points to check should an error arise : Unit of […]

What do I get and how often would I need to pay ?

By default, a user is assigned the basic package that will allow them to get used to services and features offered by Storimart B2B. For each package there are limits on how much a user can handle order, send notifications etc. The payment modes can be …  Should you need […]

What is a subscription package ?

Storimart B2B follows a SaaS business model where users can pay a set amount each week, month or year, and receive an agreed-upon service in return. Each subscription package allows a user to handle orders, send notifications etc . upto a certain limit.  Currently there are 4 packages offered :  […]

Adding products into a catalog via Admin

After setting a catalogue, for more information please refer to Setting a product catalogue, select Categories & Subcategories and proceed to create primary level categories by providing the required details such as name, sequence number and image information. Select on any category item from the Category list tree (left hand […]