Challenges of Online B2B Order Management

As mentioned, the rise in popularity for B2B eCommerce has heightened expectations, while different methods of buying and selling have introduced complexities.

Listed below are the most common challenges B2B businesses are faced with today.

1. Global supply chains are complex and growing.

From third party logistics (3PL) providers to drop shipping companies, alongside traditional in-house supply chain methods, there are now a myriad of ways in which to fulfill orders and complete shipments
across the globe. When working with a 3PL, you’ll send regular shipments of inventory to your logistics provider, while they handle all order shipping, returns, freight forwarding and even order processing, depending on the
service package you agree on with them. Drop shipping fulfillment involves forwarding orders and shipments as a request to a vendor or manufacturer. They will then be responsible for sending the items to your customers on your behalf, usually with your branding on, so the customer is unaware you’ve even used a drop shipping company. But one particular standout supply chain method which presents B2B businesses with a whole new set of challenges and complexities is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

EDI provides businesses with the ability to exchange documents and
transactions between trading partners in a standard electronic format.