How to place an order ?

Open the application and navigate to any of the categories shown. Select any primary category and then select subcategory, to view products that are available. Click +Add to view product details. Select SKU value to be added into cart. Navigate to the footer section and select the cart icon for […]

How to reset an order fulfillment user password?

On the menu sidebar, navigate to the second icon and select Warehouses. Select step 3 and view the current Order Fulfillment User credentials. To reset/change the password, select Change Password, create the new password and select Save. Review all details and hit Submit after agreeing to the Terms of Service.  […]

How do I process an order ?

All orders will appear in the order list after logging in, please refer to Login for further information. Select any order by clicking on icon and it will expand to show order details. Select Accept .To get an order invoice select Print Delivery Details.

About OF processing

All orders placed via sales medium will be handled at the Order Fulfillment application.  While setting up your warehouse, step 3/4 will require you to create an order fulfillment user by providing name, number and login credentials.For more information please refer to How do I set up a warehouse ?