Why do you need a B2B Ordering Platform?

Now a days B2B business holders think of owning an e-commerce websites for their business; you know the reason, yes the Pandemic itself. Pandemic crisis have hit the business very badly such that, many leaders switched their way of operation into the digital mode. Now they are slowly coming back to their old youth way, but with a great pace in the growth. So do you really think there is an important reason why we need an ordering platform for B2B? For the people doing business in this category might have sparked with n number of reasons to answer this; it’s often natural for them to think like that. Generally speaking people not in this B2B category might have a limited knowledge in giving a valid opinion.

So let’s direct our eyes directly into answering our question. B2B markets are always flooded with consistent sellers and buyers; who are in a deep relationship with each other may be for a longer period of time. Bulk orders, bulk discount rates, offer prices, bonus value, etc, are all part of B2B business. Confidential, trustworthy, reliable are some other implied intangible factors, which form base in building relationship between those sellers and the buyers.  So in order to maintain this relationship, Seller (or wholesalers) should make a rapid change in order processing and managing it a bit simpler than the usual traditional mode. The top priority factors which included in the ordering processing platform are:

  • Customer specific pricing

Buyers in B2C keeps on changing each day and also switches the sellers in search of better offers and price discount. But the case is different in B2B where regular and consistent buyers are only present and therefore customer specific pricing, offers, discount for bulk orders, etc can be brought in the website.

  • Confidential & Secure

The transaction between the seller and buyer remains confidential. Only registered buyers can see their product listing and pricing. No other seller or user can view your catalogue. Real time monitoring and 24/7 technical support is what B2B platform stands versatile.

  • User Friendly

B2B ordering websites are always user friendly in operation. It’s one click easy for the buyer to place an order and for the seller to manage it. Mobile based applications made the businessman to manage his/her orders at his finger tips. Storimart is one such platform which provides mobile applications for Seller, buyer and Salesman. Please follow Storimart to see how their seller manages orders easily (Link).

  • Responsive website

Starting from the quick loading of the website, updating the warehouse and catalogue, registering the buyers and salesman, etc, is now a matter of seconds for the admin (here seller itself is the admin) to do his/her activities.

  • Payment Gateways

Credit based payments allow solution providers to not put their hands into it. It will be purely on the hands of the Seller to decide of which mode they want and they can make the transactions purely out of the platform in their own ways. Storimart have successfully enabled this process and their clients are very well happy with it. This feature also allows buyers to place their orders in one click and later on pay the amount.

  • Relationship building

The most successful businesses are in those areas of the world where Seller and buyer shares equal bondage in their transactions. They both grow like anything where sky will only be the limit. 

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